All the major marketplaces within reach

Bricqer runs in the cloud and automatically synchronizes your inventory across all your stores, even when you are away or when your computer is off. Sit back, relax, and work on what you're best at: expanding your LEGO® business.

Bricqer supports automatic synchronization of your inventory with your BrickLink, BrickOwl, BrickScout, WooCommerce, and eBay stores.


Optimize your inventory

Whether you do part-outs or add inventory brick by brick, Bricqer has got you covered. It automatically manages item locations, pricing and more for you.


Unified order overview

Manage orders from all your marketplace stores from within Bricqer. Centrally handle invoices, payments, feedback and shipments.

  • All your orders in one single interface
  • Automatically create and send VAT invoices
  • Offer additional payment methods, such as iDeal
  • Automatically post feedback
  • And much more!

Efficiently pick orders

Pick multiple orders at once right from your phone, tablet or computer. Bricqer calculates the most efficient route based on your inventory and orders.

  • Pick using your phone, tablet or computer
  • Pick with multiple people at the same time
  • Go paperless: no need to print orders any more
  • Bricqer calculates estimated picking times
  • And much more!

Shipping made easy

For most stores, preparing shipments takes a lot of time. Bricqer integrates with all major shipping carriers and fully automates your shipping process.

  • List all available shipping options per order
  • Automatically validate shipping addresses
  • Automatically send track & trace information
  • Support for label printers & regular printers
  • And much more!

Accounting & insights

Bricqer generates invoices, financial exports and does automatic VAT-calculations. You also get advanced insights down to each individual piece.


Constantly evolving

Bricqer is ever-evolving software running in the cloud. You will instantly receive the latest fixes, updates and new features.

  • Works on your phone, tablet and computer
  • Automatically receive the latest updates
  • No need to run your computer 24/7
  • No need to install anything
  • And much more!

Constantly evolving

Bricqer is constantly evolving. Keep up with our latest updates below.

Trusted by the largest shops

We are proud to be powering multiple of the largest online LEGO® shops.
And they are proud to be powered by Bricqer.

Dunder Mifflin Brick Co.

"Bricqer is truly an amazing service! I never realized how much time and efficiency I was losing in order packing, shipping, and inventory management until I switched to Bricqer. It blows all the competition out of the water with its integrations, user interfaces, and features. Every single feature is purpose-built while remaining simple and easy to use. There is truly no comparison.

Robert and Wessel are extremely helpful, very patient, are excellent communicators, and solve any problem and answer any question you send their way in a timely manner. They also work tirelessly to add new features and improve the existing ones, making Bricqer even better every single day.

If you're not using Bricqer, you have no idea what you are missing."

Dunder Mifflin Brick Co.Bricqer user since 2023
Brickstore Holland

"I’m extremely satisfied with my switch to Bricqer. Especially their postal integrations are saving me a lot of time. Additionally, the integration with various inventory management tools, such as Brickmonkey, make my work a lot easier. I'm very happy that I can even still use BrickStore if I need to. Looking forward to the integration with Brickognize!"

Mark Spil
Brickstore HollandBricqer user since 2022

“It is great to have a tool that combines inventory management, synchronization between BrickLink and BrickOwl, automatic invoicing and integrates with DHL. Bricqer saved me hours of manual work. And I don't have to close my store any more when adding new parts!

The service is great, the team responds super fast and helps with any problem.”

RockerBricksBricqer user since 2022

“We started using Bricqer about 2 years ago. Since then, we almost doubled our inventory size. Most of this was possible due to time we were able to save with inventory management, financial aspects and shipping.

It's also really nice to work closely together with the passionate team of Bricqer, as features we could only think of before were actually implemented to ease our workload.“

Dimar Bos
HollandBricksBricqer user since 2020
Unsorted Brick

“After briefly switching to another package for managing my shop, I miss the convenience of Briqer too much not to want to save the extra cost.

I think Bricqer is simply the best complete solution to manage my LEGO shop as easily as possible, which I cannot achieve with the other packages. The time saved by using Bricqer can be spent on other things.“

Gijs Houwen
Unsorted BrickBricqer user since 2022

“Before we used bricqer we did everything on paper. It took a little time to adjust our system into Bricqer, but it was so worth it! Most paperwork disparaged and orders can be picked in the blink of an eye. We never want to go back!”

Marielle Hoexum
BrickmarktBricqer user since 2021

“Having to manage multiple shops at the same time was a bit much. Separate payment systems, packing systems, shipping systems and feedback systems. Bricqer integrated all of this into one system. It has automated the first to the last step of my sorting, listing and selling process. No more thinking, no more remembering things. Even the messages from all my stores are visible in Bricqer.

I especially like the financial and shipping integrations. I do not have to make financial spreadsheets anymore. Shipping labels can be ordered and printed with the single click of a button.”

Maarten Warmerdam
AmsterdamBricksBricqer user since 2021

“Managing our inventory and orders was a tedious and time-consuming process. After we started using Bricqer, we were able to optimize our workflow and significantly save on time. Because of this, we are now able to handle much more orders per day.”

Evolien Grofsmid
GrofsmidBricksBricqer user since 2014

Advanced platform.
Simple pricing.

Simple pricing

Bricqer provides you with an advanced platform to get the most of your LEGO®-selling business. Even though we provide advanced tools, our pricing is as simple as it gets. We charge a monthly 3,5% commission over sold items. Commission is not charged over shipping and other fees.

Commission is only charged over sold items,
not over shipping and other fees.
Monthly minimum of $50

What you get

  • Instant access to all the major marketplaces
  • Friendly & knowledgeable support
  • Stable & proven platform
  • Assistance during & after set-up
  • All the latest updates and features

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