When it comes to online payments, you've basically got two options: on-site or off-site payments. On-site payments are processed entirely on a marketplace or business' website. Off-site payments aren't. They are processed by third parties like iDeal or PayPal that require you to redirect customers to their website or simply by a manual bank transfer.

Why you should offer off-site payments

Especially when you're getting started or own a small LEGO® business, you want to make use of off-site payment methods. These are usually easy to set up, and you don't have to worry about privacy or security protocols. In addition, your customers like to use a payment method they know and trust. Letting them choose their own preferred payment method can therefore be that final trigger to buy.

The downside

Although off-site payments sound good, there is a downside. There always is, right? In this case, it's the loss of control. Since customers leave your online store or marketplace shop in order to complete their purchase, you have basically no control over their checkout experience. And if that experience isn't smooth, their annoyances might be transferred to you and your LEGO® store.

Handle off-site payments with Bricqer

Bricqer allows you to handle off-site payments without any hassle. When a customer chooses an off-site payment method, we automatically create a professional invoice. The invoice is then sent by e-mail including a link to complete the purchase immediately with iDeal, PayPal, credit card, bank transfer or any other payment processor that is connected to your store. This way, we provide a seamless checkout experience with maximum branding. It's a win-win!

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