Requesting a list of all parts in a LEGO® set is called a partout. Most sellers use a partout if they bought multiple sets, but want to sell the individual parts. Large sets can have hundreds of unique parts to process. By using our collaboration tools, processing even the largest of sets is going to be a breeze.

Partout item view

Partout support in Bricqer

Bricqer has had support for importing part lists from BrickLink and Rebrickable for a very long time now. It is one of the most important ways of adding new inventory to your store. Not only do we support multiple sources, such as BrickLink and Rebrickable, but we also have support for importing multiple sets at once and specifying the amount of sets that you bought.

After requesting a partout, Bricqer shows you a list of all the individual items in the set. You can use your automatic pricing formula to determine the price for the items, or specify a custom price yourself. If you already have a part, Bricqer will automatically show you the location in your inventory. You can then add the items to the existing location, or move all stock to another location.

Partout item view

Collaborating on a partout

The great thing about the Bricqer software is that it is hosted in the cloud. It works on all your devices, be it your computer, tablet or even your phone. And it allows us to incorporate cloud-hosted features, such as live partout updates across all devices.

If you're going to work on a large partout, you might want to bring some colleagues along to help you out. Your colleagues can simply log in to Bricqer on their own devices and then select the same partout that you are currently working on. They will instantly join your session, and any changes you or your colleagues make will instantly propagate across all connected sessions.

How it works

Simply log in to Bricqer and navigate to your inventory. Select a purchase you want to work on, and hit the "View..." button. Now, select "Partout".

You can now enter a set number to request a new partout, or select an existing partout to work on. If multiple people open the same partout at the same time, Bricqer will automatically propagate changes to the partout to everyone who's connected. No need to mess with your firewall or to install any app.

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