Bricqer is the cloud based e-commerce solution for LEGO® stores worldwide. Inventory management, marketplace synchronization and order processing all take place in one single online platform. With near real time updates, shipping carrier integration and automated pricing strategies there's simply nothing left to worry about. Not even about running your PC all the time.

Save on expenses

With Bricqer you don't have to buy any hardware to run your online LEGO® business. Basically, a laptop and/or a mobile device with a Wi-Fi connection is all you need to be able to update your inventory, pick orders or even export financial reports. As a result, your IT costs are lowered significantly. Not to mention the potential savings on your electricity bills.

Keep your data safe

Your online store probably keeps large volumes of confidential user information like names, addresses and phone numbers. All that data has to be protected in order to prevent leaks and loss of reputation. Bricqer gets updated automatically, so you're always assured of maximum data security and new features. Quite handy, cause everybody forgets to manually install software updates from time to time (let's be honest here)...

Scalability & flexibility

Bricqer allows your business to scale up as you go without purchasing additional licenses, updates or software. In the blink of an eye you've created a new user account for employees so that they can get started right away. In addition, cloud computing offers more flexibility too. Whether you're at the office or working from home - Bricqer is always available.

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