Order picking plays a major part in your order fulfillment process. It's crucial to pick the right brick or minifigure from your warehouse to ensure smooth packing, fast shipping and ultimately happy customers. However, order picking can be quite time-consuming, especially at scale. This is where Bricqer's multi-order picking feature comes in handy.

What is multi-order picking?

Usually orders are printed on a sheet of paper and picked in one run. You don't have to be a genius to see that those single-pick runs are wasting valuable time and lead up to longer fulfillment processes.

Multi-order picking is a picking method that enables you to pick all items for several orders in a single run before combining them at the packing bench.

Pick multiple orders at once using Bricqer

Benefits of multi-order picking

Multi-order picking mostly increases picker efficiency by minimizing a picker's travel distance. Thus, you can pick multiple orders in less time. You can also save up on costs, since you'll have to hire less personnel in order to fulfill the same amount of orders. In addition, multi-order picking doesn't use any paper, which reduces the risk of errors due to lost orders.

How multi-order picking works in Bricqer

With Bricqer, you can easily pick multiple orders at once using your phone, tablet or computer. Bricqer automatically estimates picking times based on your previous runs, and automatically calculates the most efficient run based on current orders and part locations. You can even pick with multiple people at the same time without being in each other's way. Bricqer allows you to pick, pack and ship your orders on time - without fail.

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