On Friday, November 3, BrickLink had shut down their website to investigate suspicious behavior on their servers. In this blog post, we wanted to inform you on the latest changes we have implemented at Bricqer to help you continue your daily business operations while BrickLink is offline.

infoUpdate: BrickLink is back online.

As of November 8th, BrickLink is back online! You do not have to do anything. All customer inventories have automatically been synced to BrickLink and users are receiving orders again. If you had closed your store, you can re-open again without issue.

Picking & packing orders remains enabled

You can keep picking and processing your orders as usual. Bricqer will make sure that any status updates to BrickLink orders will be processed as soon as BrickLink is up again. Your customers automatically receive their shipping and tracking information from Bricqer by e-mail.

Marketplace sync remains enabled

Marketplace integrations other than BrickLink are not affected at this time. You can keep on selling on BrickOwl, BrickScout, WooCommerce, eBay, Bol.com and through Storefront. Your inventory is still being synced across these platforms. We will make sure your BrickLink inventory is synced again as soon as BrickLink comes back online.

You can keep on adding inventory

For new items that you add to your inventory, Bricqer will now look up historic price guide information of up to 60 days ago. If no historic data is available, you can still determine the price of an item manually. This way, you can keep on adding inventory, even while BrickLink remains offline.

We recommend our users to enable the "Update sales price" option when uploading new batches when BrickLink comes back online. This will make sure that prices that are based on older, cached price guide data, get updated.

Additionally, we have temporarily switched to a local copy of the catalog. You are now able to use the visual editor again to search for, and add items, to your inventory.

How to request partouts

New partouts can still be requested from Rebrickable. If you enter the location of an item, you can bulk-process the items in your partout at a later date to get the latest pricing data from BrickLink. All other forms of adding inventory, such as Camera recognition, are not affected and are working correctly.

We hope these changes help you continue your daily business operations. We will inform you when we have more information regarding the current BrickLink outage. You can rest assured your inventory and order data remains safe, and that our team is closely monitoring the current situation.

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